Spotlight on a Creative – Martin Øbakke

Last spring I bought an item from an Etsy store and I loved it! I went back and read more about the company and by doing so I discovered my “Spotlight on a Creative” for this week.There is a treasure trove to be found when you go ahead and “click” on a link. That is how I found Filligree, the magical creation of Husband and wife team, Martin Øbakke and Celena Cavala.  These two creatives met in Florence Italy and and you can feel the wonderful mix of their cultures in their work where, “you’ll find old world Europe, Southern Gothic charm and Pop Surrealism.”


1.     Who are you and what do you do?

Martin Øbakke, – Illustrator, sculptor, doll maker, photographer and fiddler- Pleased to meet you.

2.     How has your Art changed over time?

To keep the inspiration, I find that I constantly have to tweak and develop my work. Sometimes major, but mostly little changes makes it more interesting to create. So my work has always been changing, and I hope it always will.

3.     What inspires you?

The serene and mysterious, the beautiful and honest.. The dream sphere from where the dolls emerge.. the 1000s of women around the world who feel cool and beautiful, wearing the the leggings I design.


Fairies, Dragons, Giraffes and more

4.     What’s your strongest memory of childhood?

I was obsessed with fire and almost burned down my childhood home.. The massive fire haunted my dreams for months.

5.     What was the first thing you ever made?

Drawings, then probably some wood whittling. I’m a country boy.


Hot Air Ballon Whale by Filigree

6.     What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Carpentry, bricklaying, – manual labor

7.     What is your dream project?

Develop the Filigree world and characters into a short stop motion film.

8.     What is the one thing in your studio you could not live without?

My wife

9.     Do you collect anything?

Everytime I see a collection starting, I stop myself. I still believe less is more and I love things that have more then 1 purpose. I do seem to have started a collection of old-time fiddle tunes. You can’t have enough of those.

10   What is your favorite word and why?

Crisp… I just decided.. I don’t think much about words, I’m more of an illustrator.

il_570xN.434114802_p7y3_largeFiligree Art Nouveau Leggings

11  What is your favorite recipe?

Rice pudding-  boil short rice with milk (or rice milk, almond milk) add salt, when done put it in a bowl sprinkle sugar and cinnamon, and a spoon full of butter in the middle.


(I found a rice pudding recipe that seems similar to what Martin is describing)

12  Do you “Give Back” to any organizations?

Not any one place exclusively.

Please check out more of the beautiful and whimsical work of Martin and Celena! FYI – I do have a pair of the leggings from Carousel Ink and they are the best!