Spotlight on a Creative – Lisa DiSciascio

This week I am so happy to present the talented Lisa DiSciascio, the artist behind Starlight Woods – a line of “Eco-friendly jewelry & accessories made from fallen tree branches.” She collects her branches from walks in the woods near her home in Pennsylvania. Her pieces are bright, positive and lovely.
1. Who are you and what do you do?
I am a mother of 2 amazing girls, ages 19 and 13. I am a creative person in everything I do. Creating and being a mother is what gives me purpose.  Besides creating my pieces for my shop I also love being active, running, swimming, volleyball, basically anything active keeps me going.
Starlight Woods – Mother Keychain
2. How has your Art changed over time?
Well I have always been creative, as a child building forts and hideouts in the bushes and along the creek side, always inventing…I loved sculpture for a while, I sculpted heads for a long time, I don’t know why heads but that is what i did, lol.  After I graduated highschool I went to college for photography where I mostly documented life and searched out the tiny beautiful things.  In all of my creative pursuits the one thing that remained constant was my need to find beauty in mundane objects.  The creekside as a child was a fortress with so many possibilities, the clay was nothing until I found the face hidden inside and a tree branch could be so many things, from showcasing it’s natural beauty to turning it into something altogether different.
3. What inspires you?
What doesn’t inspire me?? Absolutely everything sparks inspiration, colors, going for a run, changing of the seasons, a new outfit, a song, a feeling…it comes from everywhere!
4. What’s your strongest memory of childhood?
Definitely our creekside worlds.  We spent hours there.
5. What was the first thing you ever made?
Like ever?? Hmmm, well probably something for my mom.  I was always making her things.  I made a pink clay alien in school once and droppped it on the way home so when i got home I put a couple bandaids on it and gave it to her, she said it was the most beautiful alien ever.
6. What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
I worked at a camera store for a long time, I learned everything technical about photography there, very helpful.  After I graduated college I waitressed, bartended, I was even a mortgage loan processor for a few years, that was kind of fun but not creative at all, lol.
7. What is your dream project?
My dream project would be building an entire living room set out of pallets.  I have been obsessed with pallets lately, I built a coffee table and console table so far but I have bigger ideas in my head with more intricate designs that I really want to do, just need more hours in the day.
8. What is the one thing in your studio you could not live without?
9. Do you collect anything?
Not at the moment.  I used to collect typewriters and lugggage.  I used to write a lot and dreamed of traveling all over the country I guess that is where those two collections started. They ended up taking up too much room though…I need to find something smaller to collect, my daughter collects bouncy balls, they are small.
10. What is your favorite word and why?
oh geez…. well I say “seriously” alot.

11. What is your favorite recipe?

Sauteed shrimp with fresh tomatoes, roasted red peppers, jalepenos, onions and baby spinach over brown rice, yum.

Fine Cooking – Stove Top Jambalaya
12. Do you “Give Back” to any organizations?
Not right now i don’t as I am still trying to get a handle on the business paperwork side of this business, creative people sometimes lack that skill as our minds are wandering.  I do plan on it though, I actually want to start a fund to help get get addicts into recovery. Sometimes just the simple dilemma of “how do I get to treatment?” is enough to stop an addict from getting help.
If you wish to see more of Lisa’s wonderful pieces please check out her Etsy Shop!

Jon and Mary – Spotlight on a Creative

The oldest piece of steel is approximately 4000 years old and there have been found treasures from Sparta, China, East Africa and more. What most see as a cold heavy ore, Jon and Mary, the husband and wife creative team behind WATTO have turned into an art. This talented duo has a studio in Tucson, Arizona and they kindly took time to answer some questions for me to share with you.


1. Who are you and what do you do?

“Jon WATTO Watson & Mary Spencer- We are a husband and wife team and have several things going on. We started with “The Metal Gardener.” which is functional and custom metal sculptures. We then began WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear with metal accessories Outlaw Kritters developed due to the success of our animal icons. Mary also has an assembled jewelry line called WATTO’s Wife.”

2. How has your Art changed over time?

“The Metal Gardener began in 2007 with metal sculptures based on nature and organic shapes. In 2009 we started WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear with belt buckles based on the tattoo and music culture. We were doing a lot of art shows then and to make our items more accessible price wise we added key chains and money clips. We thought we were designing for guys, but woman liked the rugged look too and soon Mary was adding bling and making jewelry for WATTO as well. WATTO’s Wife developed as an outlet for Mary to have a little creativity on her own.”

Slide 1

3. What inspires you?

“Nature, motorcycles (Jon), animals (our two dogs Nipper and Tucker), raw materials like metal and wood, tattoo imagery and fashion.”

4. What’s your strongest memory of childhood?

“Jon- Playing hide-and-seek in the cornfield.”

“Mary- spending hours reading, painting or drawing and making things. I enjoyed spent a lot of time alone.”

WATTO's wife  collage


Wattos Wife Jewelry

5.What was the first thing you ever made?

“Jon- Made his bicycle into a chopper by extending the forks and added a big sissy bar and whip flag. Even then he loved motorcycles.”


“Mary- Can’t remember that far back as I was making things and drawing like most children from the time I was a toddler. I took private drawing and painting classes in high school and I made miniatures such as mini framed paintings and baked goods with tiny little grocery sacks which I sold at a local miniature store.”

6. What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

“Jon worked on helicopter weapon systems in the army for 4 years then worked as a Graphic designer for many years. Finally he apprenticed at a metal shop while working as an exhibit tech at the Children’s Museum before creating our own company.”

“Mary worked as a product planner for several social expression, puzzle and craft companies as well as a prop artist and floral designer.

7. What is your dream project?

“Jon-Working on custom Japanese sport bikes.”

“Mary-Not really any one project, but I would love to have indefinite time and funds to work more on developing my painting skills and other creations.”


8. What is the one thing in your studio you could not live without?

“Jon- Angle grinder I use it for cutting grinding and sanding.”

“Mary- My computer as it has all of my files for the business.”

9. Do you collect anything?

“Jon- No”

“Mary- Mexican pottery- I love the decorative paint and the handmade nature.”

10. What is your favorite word and why?

“Jon- ‘Yes.’ Love it when people say yes to me.”

“Mary- chocolate! – Need I explain?!”

11. What is your favorite recipe?

“Jon-Pancakes we eat Pamela gluten-free with agave syrup.”

“Mary- chocolate chip cookies made with Garbanzo beans, nut butter, honey and “Enjoy” brand chocolate chips. I am gluten free so these are my indulgence.”


Craving 4 More Chickpea Cookies

12. Do you “Give Back” to any organizations?

“We have several organizations that we give to annually including Seeing Eye Dogs and The Elephant Sanctuary. We have also donated many of our items to charity events over the years. We are particularly interested in animal welfare causes. Through our new website we will be donating to a different animal welfare organization every quarter.”


Tucker, Nipper, Mary and Jon

Jon and Mary have so much going on and I think it is all terrific! Please check out the links below to see more of their work!


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