L’éléphant de couleur différente


When my daughter was in kindergarten the students did a letter learning exercise using animals. “A” for Alligator, “B” for Bee etc. There were two classes and my child had the wonderful fortune to be with a teacher who loved the creative minds of her charges.  My friend’s daughter was in the other class that was filled with rules and restrictions. I remember one afternoon at pick up my friend came up to me and was visibly upset. She had had to go to the Principal’s office because her daughter had painted her “E” is for elephant blue, a lovely shade of blue. When told by the teacher to redo the animal, the little girl said, “no.” Her Mother stood by her little creative’s work and told the Principal and the teacher to basically, “Lump it.”

I love this story and have retold many times.  Who is to say the elephant cannot be blue? Perhaps we are the ones seeing the wrong color.  I embrace the creative and beautiful soul in all of us and celebrate the eye that sees the horse or pachyderm of a different color.


Blue Elephant by Sushila Burgess


Elephant Watercolor by Brandi Miller


Pendant by Lilredwagon


Mobile by Lovebug Lullabies LLC

Telling a child or an adult for that matter that they have to mimic what you see is a disservice to us all.

Remember, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Pablo Picasso.



Celebrating the Black Cat



“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” Groucho Marx

Often vilified and misunderstood, the beautiful black cat is one of the celebrations of the Halloween season. Not all are as kind to animals as you and I are. In fact I used to keep my little noir chat in the house for the full week before All Hallows Eve.  Always better safe than sorry!

Here are some positive views of our furry friends as well as Artists who create their own “magic.”

1. Sailors would prefer their ship cat to be all black to bring them luck.

2. Fisherman’s wives would keep black cats in the belief it would keep their mates safe.

3. The Egyptian Goddess, Bast (the Cat Goddess) was the goddess of protection against contagious diseases, The eye of Ra and may have been “associated with protective ointments.”


Christy Obalek









There is a lot of beauty and artistic inspiration from the black cat. However, as I already mentioned this is also the season of misunderstanding and mistreatment of these little sprites. Please take care and be aware.




He has one, She has one, We all have one

A while ago I made jewelry too like so many of you out there. It was FUN! I remember I had made a pair of beaded hoop earrings with a carved skull charm and I really liked and was proud of them.

I was a vendor at an event (oh, yes I have lived all sides of the craft/art life) and a gentleman walked into my tent. He touched everything and in the end all he said to me was, “Skulls? Really?” I just smiled and thanked him for stopping by and thought, “Really? Well, of course!”

I have always liked skulls. For goodness sake we all have one, don’t we?

Tis the season of the Cranial Foundation and I am celebrating it today – head to toe and more!

“The skull is nature’s sculpture.” David Bailey


Handmade by Mudpuppy


Handmade by HundredMillion

“I don’t care if my skull winds up on shelf as long as my name is on it.” Debbie Harry

Skull Earrings

Handmade by Untamed Menagerie

Handmade by Sirious Design

Celebrate, decorate and enjoy!



Steve Axford, “Fun Guy”

When I was younger I had a favorite puzzle I would do over and over again. I have actually tried to find it now in my adulthood much like a long loved treasured toy. It was hundreds of pieces that when put together created a beautiful, colorful collection of Fungi.

Today, I came across a fantastic Photographer/Artist who is following his passion and brightened my day with his pictures. Once a computer guy and now a creative he states, “My photography has been my avenue into this world as it slows me down and allows me to look at things more closely.”


Enteloma – Courtesy Steve Axford Photography

Although, I have always liked the delicious mushrooms served at the family table these clearly are not the stuff our parents put on our plates and said, “Eat! It is good for you!.” Steve lives in New South Wales and photographs travel and other subjects as well. But, I am smitten with the Fungi.


Leratiomyces – Courtesy Steve Axford Photography


Phillipa Subpupurea – Courtesy Steve Axford Photography

This was one of the ones in my puzzle!


Crepidotus – Courtesy Steve Axford Photography

Through his experience with photography , Steve has learned that, “Nothing exists in isolation and the more you look, the more connections you find.”

You can see more of Steve Axford at :





Enjoy this visual treat!

Petula Poppy


Stop, Look and Smile

Every day we walk past, float past, blindly move through our lives and forget to actually stop and look around. Think of the discoveries that can be made when the clock is stopped, a breath taken and a quiet solitude embraced.

Artist, Yuma Kano has created an installation, 36,445 + 1 Screw that begs you to “take a moment.”

Petula Poppy

The Creative and Beautiful Soul in All of Us