For the Love of Dogs, Cats, Lizards . . .

I grew up in a household where my parents never said, “No!” to a pet. We had dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, fish, lizards, a turtle and rabbits. Now that my children are grown I am down to two cats after a parade of wonderful critters. They were loved, enjoyed and enhanced our lives tremendously.


Jon and Mary of Watto love their dogs and donate a portion of their sales on to a different animal welfare group each quarter.


Outlaw Doggie Earrings by Outlaw Kritters

I took a swing around the world via my computer and found some more cool animal art for you this week.


Garcia Design’s adorable little forest critter necklaces

I once thought about having a pet chicken named “Mildred” that I would train and take with me everywhere.


Roz Art

Shelf of the Elf will create a custom little pet sculpture for you so you can keep your furry friend with you always! So cute.


Shelf of the Elf

My mom loves hedgehogs and would have one for a pet if she could! This spoon set would make her very happy.


7 Doors Studio Measuring Spoon Set

Time to play fetch with my cat.



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